Pop-up Card «Love in Paris»


It is a romantic beautiful pop-up card of 90 deg with Effel tower may be a wonderful gift for your mother, wife or other loved ones . Do it yourself and gift it lovely people. Dimensions of the finished card: opened  11.4x25.4 cm, collapsed  11.4x12.7 cm. 



You need:

  • Craft knife (blade 30 deg)
  • Stylus with smallest ball
  • Steel ruler
  • Scissors
  • Smooth stick
  • Cutting mat
  • Pencil
  • Color cardstock 114x254 cm ( >200 gsm )
  • White paper A4 ( 120-200 gsm )


  1. Gather all instruments and materials. Print the template on white paper (or cut the template on your cut-machine). 
  2. Cut solid lines: cut out all removable parts first. Use steel ruler to cut direct lines. Be carefully: don't make mistakes.
  3. Check your work and cut out the card from the sheet by knife or scissors.
  4. Fold the card: turn the card to the back and bend the main valley fold first. 
  5. Carefully bend all valley and mountain folds. Valley folds bend on the back side of the card, mountain folds - on the front side.
  6. Finally collapse the card in half: place it on table and pull half of the card over, ensuring that all folds are correct.
  7. Use smooth stick to fix all folds.
  8. Make a cover and place the card in it.


Buy and download template



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